I have grown up seeing my mother working like anything for establishing clothing line business and running it for good 15 years. Then came a time when she was entangled in severe medical issues. The pain was heavier than dream, so she was not able to run the business and it shutted down soon after her demise.

After completing my graduation and working for almost 4 years with top MNC's I wanted to do something through which I could connect to what I have grown up seeing.

This is where the idea of ETERNITY striked in my mind. That everything closes it's loop and every moment has immense potential of driving the life in new direction. That is what the symbol of Eternity (∞) is all about !

So I recall the inspiration of my MOTHER and courage of my F-I-L and decided to pursue my passion with Brand




Eternity by Sakshi is founded by Sakshi, an engineer and a CS graduate, who served for almost 4 years for big names like HSBC and Accenture. After quitting the corporate job, soon after marriage I visited Chanderi(my in-laws hometown) and saw how a fabric is weaved. From that point of time my perception for fabric was totally changed. In ancient time people in every home knew weaving and even they used to weave their own cloths. Probably that was the reason even cloths specially sarees were transferred from one generation to another and were considered as an important assest. This took me to think and search into remote villages of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, West bengal etc for skilled weavers. Since then there has been no turning back.

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